An old school neighborhood bar..pull up a stool

An old school neighborhood bar..pull up a stool

An old school neighborhood bar..pull up a stool An old school neighborhood bar..pull up a stool

Who we are


Welcome to the Brooklyn Jazz and Sports Club. Founded in 2000 by Ms. Dawnie, the club's friendly and welcoming owner, this warm, cozy  bar is simultaneously an old school social club, an outlet for neighborhood entrepreneurs of the culinary and sartorial varieties and a base of operations for some of New York’s many creative and adventurous musicians. The club is situated a few short blocks from the Church Avenue stop on the 2 and 5 subway lines at 3523 Church Avenue in the heart of New York’s bustling Flatbush Caribbean neighborhood. Depending on which night you walk in you may find karaoke, Trinidadian Soca music, authentic reggae performed by the Overproof Band or jazz, blues and world music from Harlem’s own 69th Street Band. On some nights homemade Jamaican food is sold in the restaurant and, should that not be the case, there is excellent local takeout nearby which can be eaten in the bar or, if the weather is warm, at the charming outdoor patio. The clientele ranges from some omnipresent long time neighborhood regulars who like to chat, argue and watch sports at their favorite local watering hole, newer patrons who came in with the recent first wave of gentrification or the occasional delighted European tourist who feels that they have stumbled into a quintessential under the radar hip Brooklyn music venue. Depending on your interests it may be advisable to call as the schedules, while relatively predictable, can be subject to sudden change.

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Brooklyn Jazz and Sports CLub

3523 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11203, United States




 Starting in the summer of 2019  the 69th Street Band has slowly but surely established a foothold in Brooklyn and has been offering up its unique mix of blues, jazz and world music every Monday from 6 to 10.  While it may be to early to say that "Blue Mondays" have become a Flatbush institution  the event is starting to draw some frequent guest musicians along with the usual crowd of neighborhood regulars.  The band's sax playing friend Sweet Lee Odom can frequently  be found playing with the group as can Harlem's own Princess Billie Holiday Jr. and other friends like trumpet virtuoso Kevin Batchelor.